Romeo and Juliet uk slot

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet slot is played on a 5x3 online reel. The game is available to play on both computer and mobile devices and contains three rewarding bonuses and up to five modifiers.

Romeo and Juliet slot buttons

Stake How much do you bet on love? Set your stake in Romeo and Juliet slot and let the drama begin. Use the arrows to adjust the sum.

Play Hit the spin button to begin the love story.

Autoplay Take a step back and let the slot game play itself. Use the autoplay feature and spin your reels automatically. Decide how many rounds you wish to spin before pressing play.

Romeo and Juliet slot bonus

Modifiers You can find up to 5 modifiers in Romeo and Juliet slot game. Play the game and you can trigger Romeos Wilds or a Lovers Winspin. All modifiers can be triggered at any spin and you can expect a big win!

Bonuses Play for three different bonuses in Romeo and Juliet online slot. You must land three poison bottles in any position over you reel to activate a bonus. The bonuses to play for is Romeo's Mystery Win, Juliet’s Wheel of Fortune and Star Crossed Lovers Free Spins.

Jackpot King You will never know when it’s coming, Jackpot King progressive can be activated on any spin no matter the size of the stake.