Roulette x2

Roulette X2

About Roulette X2

Roulette X2 is a traditional table game that you could find in any casino, however you now have the opportunity to play it wherever you like across all devices! This table game has several highlights, one of the main ones being the opportunity to double your winnings via a multiplier without having to change the odds. This is a very rare feature for an online table game, however it is one that allows for plenty of opportunities to win big, in true casino style! Roulette X2 adopts some very high-quality graphics, which alongside the traditional table game format, allow for not only a realistic gaming experience but an aesthetically pleasing one which will appeal to any table game regulars!

How to Play Roulette X2

Table games are rather different to casino slots and they certainly have different instructions as to how to play. The aim of the game is to guess where the ball will land with 37 positions on the wheel, 1 being green, 18 being red and 18 being black. It is up to you to select where you think the ball will land on the wheel before the wheel is spun, however you have a few different options as to how you guess this. You can choose which number it will land on, or which colour it will land on, or you could even choose whether it is going to be an even or odd number, plus more! We recommend checking the ‘rules’ and ‘game information’ sections before playing, which explain the rules of the game in more depth.

Placing your bet

Before playing, you must select which chip you wish to bet, with each chip having a different value. Place your chip on the board position you wish to bet on and be aware that more than one chip can be bet on the same position. All chips do not have to be the same value. If you wish to remove your bet, the ‘undo’ button can remove the most recent chip placed, however you can also select ‘clear all’ to remove all chips.


Once you have placed the bets you wish to play with, select the green spin button which will spin the wheel, thus beginning the game and dropping the ball onto the wheel. The winning number will be announced when the ball has securely landed on a number.

Roulette X2 Bonus Feature

The main Bonus Feature in this digital table game is the Dice Ball Bonus which can be activated simply after a winning spin. You will see 4 red dice and if all 4 are matching, your winnings will be doubled! The amount you win will be based on how much you bet and where you placed your chips.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

At Legs Eleven we are used to UK Online Slots and UK Online Bingo, but it’s also very refreshing to release a table game once in a while. Roulette X2 prides itself on the high-quality graphics that replicate a real-life casino experience - it’s as if you were at a table yourself! Golden Rock Studios have made a table game classic which will certainly appeal to any casino regulars.