Scratch 4 Emeralds

Scratch 4 Emeralds

Scratch 4 Emeralds game play

Stake The cost of one card in Scratch 4 Emeralds is £5. This is a set stake that can’t be adjusted.

Start a game To start a game round of Scratch 4 Emeralds you must first buy a scratchcard. Press the button ‘buy a card’ and £5 will be taken from your balance. You can chose to press the button ‘other cards’ if you want to have a look at other options such as cost of a card and jackpot prizes. Once you have bought your card you will be taken to the game play area, here you must either scratch the card by hand or press the ‘reveal’ button to reveal all symbols at once. There’s four different sections in Scratch 4 Emeralds and all four can generate a separate win.

How to win in Scratch 4 Emeralds

To finish the game over 80% of each section must be wiped off and all symbols in all four sections must be visible. If you have a winning combinations in any of your sections a pop-up window will show the total amount you have won. If you have won in more than one sections all winnings will be added together and paid out instantly.

Section one Section one is located in the top left corner of your card. This section consists of six symbols and in order to win you must reveal a number four. A number four in section one will generate a win of £25.

Section two Section two is located in the top right corner of your Scratch 4 Emeralds card and will generate a win if one of the math numbers sums up to a number four. If one of your math number sums up to a number four your prize will be displayed in the bottom part of this section. If you are scratching the card by hand, you must scratch the bottom part to reveal your win.

Section three Section three consists of nine symbols over a 3x3 grid. To win you must have three matching symbols. Each symbol hold a unique value and the amount you win will depend on the symbols you have matched. Prizes from £5 up to the big jackpot £100,000 is available in section three!

Section four The final section of your card is located in the bottom right corner. Here you will see nine boxes containing different numbers. To win you must have three equal numbers over the 3x3 grid. If you are lucky you will win the top prize of £100,000 in Scratch 4 Emeralds online scratchcard!