slingo extreme casino game

Slingo Extreme

About Slingo Extreme

Slingo Extreme, like the majority of Slingo games combines the best of both UK Online Slots and UK Online Bingo to provide a casino experience that combines the best of both worlds. Slingo Extreme involves a 5x5 grid with 12 paylines and a reel that is situated below the grid where you can bet between 50p and £100, allowing for a wide variety in stake options. The aim of the game is to form as many Slingos as possible, Slingos can be formed when numbers on the 5x5 grid match those on the reel below, where it is your job to spin the reel in an attempt to match numbers and form Slingos. When Slingos are formed, players win prizes and progress through the game as they climb up the ladder to the left of the grid with a big payout waiting for a full house! For every match, the numbers will be crossed off and five numbers crossed off in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line will form a Slingo with prizes being awarded. There are also a range of bonus symbols on offer that could help you form more Slingos, including Free Spins!

How to Play Slingo Extreme

When setting your stake, use the + and - buttons on the screen and once you are happy with your bet, begin playing by selecting the ‘START GAME’ button and then select the same button every time you wish to spin the reel. You will initially start the game with 11 Spins; however, more can be accumulated with the Free Spins symbol and you can also buy up to eight additional spins at the end of the game in an attempt to cross off more numbers, thus potentially matching more Slingos.

Slingo Extreme Bonus Features and Symbols



Joker Symbols will allow you to cross off any number in the above column from where it lands on the reel.

Super Jokers

Super Joker Symbols will allow you to cross off any number in the entire grid.

Free Spin

Free Spin Symbols award an extra Free Spin to be accumulated and played at the end of the game.


Coin Symbols will award an instant cash prize if they land on the reel.


The Devil Symbol can block matches on the grid from forming.

Joker Bonus

Three or more Jokers or Super Jokers on the reel in the same spin will award an instant cash prize.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

Slingo Games are fast-paced by their nature and with the bonus features on offer, there are plenty of ways of extending the game to ensure more Slingos can potentially be formed! Slingo Extreme is a fiery and ferocious Slingo Game that comes with a range of bonus features, which in addition to the Slingo mechanic, ensures that both new and experienced Slingo players are able to have a superb Slingo experience!