Fluffy Favourites Slingo

Fluffy Favourites Slingo

Play Slingo Fluffy Favourites for a carnival-themed Slingo Game, combining the best of both Slots and Bingo, to form Slingo! There are plenty of opportunities to win big in this carnival-themed collaborative game, with a Free Spins Bonus and other features available. Join Legs Eleven to play!

About Slingo Fluffy Favourites

At Legs Eleven, we take great pride in offering a range of excellent casino games, which includes Slingo games, combining both UK online slots with UK online bingo. Slingo Fluffy Favourites is an atmospheric, carnival themed Slingo game where there are some brilliant bonus features on offer to help you win, including Free Spins! As well as Free Spins, there is also a Coin Pusher Bonus, a Hook a Fluffy feature and other bonus features, all of which are designed to potentially help you win big. Just like in the casino slot version of this Slingo game, Fluffy Favourites, the aesthetics and visuals are dominated by the carnival theme, meaning there are plenty of bright colours on show as well as carnival-themed symbols on the reels.

How to Play Slingo Fluffy Favourites

Setting Your Stake

Before playing Slingo Fluffy Favourites, please select a stake that you are willing to bet using the + and - buttons on screen.


Once you are ready to play, select the spin button which will spin the bottom reel where the aim of the game is to match as many numbers on the bottom reel with the main numbers grid.

Forming a Slingo

Each time there is a match, this will be taken off the grid and replaced with a colourful star. 5 colourful stars vertically, horizontally or diagonally will form a Slingo. Each Slingo that is formed will move you up the prize ladder, situated to the left of the numbers grid with a range of cash prizes able to be won.

Slingo Fluffy Favourites Bonus Features

Toy Grabber Bonus

The Toy Grabber Bonus is very similar to one found in the original slot which can also lead to big wins! This bonus feature gives you the chance to select fluffy toys which will reveal a prize. The number of picks you receive will depend on the number of Slingos formed, with 1, 4 or 5 picks being awarded for 5, 8 or 12 Slingos. The cash prizes vary from 2x your stake up to 100x your stake, meaning there are plenty of big wins available!

Coin Pusher Bonus

In this bonus feature, if you complete either 6 or 9 Slingos, you will receive either 2 or 5 coins to place into the machine. This will award cash prizes from 2x your stake to 100x your stake!

Hook a Fluffy

The Hook a Fluffy feature is triggered when either 7 or 10 Slingos are formed, awarding 3 or 5 picks of toys that are floating on the screen. Each toy contains a cash prize, once again ranging from 2x your stake to 100x your stake!

Free Spins

3 Nellie symbols will award 5 Free Spins, 4 Nellie symbols will award 7 Free Spins and 5 Nellie symbols will award 10 Free Spins.

Special Symbols

Joker Symbol

Gives you the chance to mark off any number on the grid directly above where the joker lands on the reel.

Super Joker

Gives you the chance to mark off any number on the entire grid.


The Devil symbol is a blocker for the reel, leaving you unable to mark off any number at all in that column.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

As with all Slingo slots, Slingo Fluffy Favourites is a superb Slingo game to play, with an array of bonus features available to help you win! Slingo Fluffy Favourites aims to replicate the iconic Fluffy Favourites slots, with several of the bonus features included in both casino games. As with the vast majority of Slingo games, Slingo Fluffy Favourites contains the best elements of both slots and bingo and will appeal to regular players of both popular games, or alternatively, those who can’t decide which one to play!