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Monopoly Slingo

About Monopoly Slingo

Slingo Games by their nature are collaborative as they combine both UK Online Slots and UK Online Bingo; however, Monopoly Slingo goes one step further and collaborates with one of the most popular board games in existence! Monopoly Slingo is a unique collaboration and is one of the most colourful and action-packed Slingo Games available. Played across five reels, this Slingo Game contains 10 paylines and a betting range of 25p to £25 where the theme and backdrop of the game are that of the Monopoly Board that we know so well. As you would expect, there is a solid Monopoly theme in this Slingo Game with characters and cards referenced throughout the game. There is a range of bonus features and symbols in this game which can help lead to big cash prizes if you progress through the game.

Monopoly Slingo has a slightly different function to other Slingo Games. In this game, you choose a profile to play in, which will determine if you have 7 or 8 rolls of the dice. When you roll the dice, you will move across the board, and every time you land on a property, the cards in the grid with the same colour on the grid will be crossed off. Crossing off five cards in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line will form a Slingo and each Slingo will help you progress through the game as shown in the ladder to the left of the grid.

How to Play Monopoly Slingo

Set your stake by selecting the ‘STAKE’ button then decide whichever stake suits you. Once you have done this, select ‘ROLL’ each time you wish to roll the dice, which will move you around the grid per the number of spaces that appear on the dice. There are also a range of bonus features and symbols that you could land on, which may help you form Slingos and help you in your progression up the cash prize ladder.

Monopoly Slingo Bonus Features

Hot Property

Across the grid, there are 25 property cards out of 26 with the 26th card being the Bonus Property that will award you an instant cash prize if landed on.


If you land on the Joker Card, a set number of available properties will appear. Each property will be shuffled then selected at random then it is up to you to choose one of the cards which will reveal a property, thus advancing through the board and maybe even forming a Slingo!

Take a Chance on Me

Landing on either the trusty chance or community chest could reward you with either a Cash Prize, Get out of Jail Free card or even advance you to another position on the board.

Pass GO!

Similarly to the board game, passing GO will result in cash being added to the Free Parking Square, and if you land there, you will collect the amount of cash that was added.

Slin-Go To Jail

You could be sent to Jail in Monopoly Slingo which requires a double to escape or three rolls of the dice. A Get Out of Jail Free card can be used to get you out.

Extra Rolls

You can purchase additional rolls of the dice at the end of the game; however, this does depend on which counter you selected before the game.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

The Monopoly theme is always welcomed here at Legs Eleven, as it is an iconic theme that we all know so well. The best thing about Monopoly Casino Games is that no matter whatever the casino variation, they always manage to replicate the board game and adapt so well to the Monopoly theme. Monopoly Slingo contains a range of references and characters from the board game and ensures for an excellent collaboration that will appeal to both those who enjoy Slingo and those who are familiar with Monopoly. Please see Monopoly Live and Monopoly Megaways for more Monopoly Games at Legs Eleven.