slingo xxxtreme casino game

Slingo XXXtreme

About Slingo Xxxtreme

Slingo Games are fast-paced by nature, combining the best of both UK Online Slots and UK Online Bingo however Slingo Xxxtreme takes it up to a new level of high-tempo! This Slingo Game is played across a 5x5 grid, containing 12 paylines and a generous betting range of 20p to £100, allowing for plenty of variation when setting your stakes. In addition to this, there are also a range of bonus symbols on offer that can be advantageous in your gameplay and may lead to further wins, including Free Spins!

The aim of the game as with the majority of Slingo Games is to match numbers on the grid with the numbers on the attached reel below. Every time numbers match, they will be crossed off and five numbers crossed off in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line will form a Slingo. Each Slingo that is formed will move you up the ladder to the left of the reels, where prizes can be awarded for your progression. Keep an eye out for the bonus features which may also land on the reel, as they too can help form Slingos and help you progress through the game.

How to Play Slingo Xxxtreme

Set your stake by using the + and - buttons on-screen and once you are ready to play, select ‘START GAME’ to spin the reel and select the same button each time you wish to spin the reel again. You will initially have 11 spins to use however you can purchase additional spins after the game has ended. There is also a range of bonus symbols to look out for which can accumulate extra spins to be used at the end of the game.

Slingo Xxxtreme Symbols


The Joker Symbol can cross off any number of your choice in the above column from where it lands on the reel.

Super Joker

The Super Joker Symbol can cross off any number in the entire grid.

3 or More Jokers/Super Jokers

If you land three or more Joker or Super Joker Symbols, you will be awarded an instant cash prize.

Free Spin

A Free Spin symbol landing on the reel will add one spin which can be used at the end of the game.

Devil Symbol

A Devil Symbol on the reel can block potential matches from forming.

Legs Eleven Online Slots UK Thinks

Here at Legs Eleven, Slingo Games are most definitely proving to be a popular addition to our product on offer. As mentioned previously, they are naturally fast-paced and of a high tempo, however, Slingo Xxxtreme takes that to the next level altogether! This Slingo Game contains all the symbols that you would usually find in Slingo, however, the reel is spun at a much faster pace than usual, ensuring a much faster game with adds to the fiery environment. Slingo Xxxtreme is a simple game to navigate through with the Slingo Mechanic being a straightforward and practical casino tool that can lead to plenty of ways to win!