Sunrise Reels

Sunrise Reels

Sunrise Reels slots buttons

Main Menu Click the main menu in the bottom right hand corner to select your preferred settings before starting the game. You can also read more about the value of each symbol, payouts and general game rules.

Bet Under the main menu you will be able to find a tab where you can select your bet. Mark the box with the amount you wish to play in Sunrise Reels slots.

Spin When you are ready to spin the very quick reels in Sunrise Reels slots all you need to do is to press the spin button. One round of this classic slots will be played.

Autoplay You can play up to 100 rounds automatically in Sunrise Reels slots. Simply press the autoplay button on the main screen or click the main menu to select the amount of game rounds you want to play. The remaining amounts of game rounds will be displayed next to your spinning slots reel, this is also where you can stop the autoplay feature at anytime, just press the button.

Sunrise Reels slots symbol payouts

Win To win in the classic Sunrise Reels slots all you need to do is to land three matching symbols in a row! The highest paying symbol is the 77, after that it’s the watermelon and the bar symbol. The bell and the grapes are the third highest paying symbol and the oranges, the plums, the lemons and the cherries are the lowest paying symbols in Sunrise Reels slots.