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The Goonies

About The Goonies Slot

Embark on an adventurous themed slot with Blueprint Gaming’s latest casino release, The Goonies. Spielberg’s iconic 80’s film lives on through a 5-line, 3-reel slot format. Complete with an old pirate map setting the scene for this immersive gameplay. Legs Eleven players can take a spin of this slot with the aim of triggering one of the many meddling modifiers on offer. Just like the film, the Skeleton Key is where the real excitement lies, as this could potentially trigger modifiers that drop onto the reels and turn normal symbols in to Goonie-Worthy wilds. These modifiers take inspiration from iconic scenes such as Chunk’s hilarious Truffle Shuffle dance, or Mikey’s Hidden Treasure. Legs Eleven believes this slot may provide plenty of entertainment for fans of the film, or online casino players who appreciate an abundance of bonus features!

The Goonies Slot Bonus Features

One Eyed Willy’s Bonus Rounds

Channel your inner Goonie and never say die when it comes to triggering some of the Bonus rounds on offer in this online casino game - as there’s no shortage! If players happen to land three of more bonus symbols in The Goonies slot, they will trigger the infamous One Eyed Willy’s bonus feature. Then your chances of landing wins are taken to the seas as players will be transported to take a spin of a ship wheel fit for a pirate, to claim one of six bonus features displayed on the wheel. These features range from: ‘Fratelli’s Hideout’, ‘Skeleton Organ Bonus’, ‘Super Sloth Free Spins’, ‘The Goonies Go Wild Free Spins’, ‘Inferno Free Spins’, or ‘One Eyed Willy’s Treasure’ and are all explained in depth below. However, that’s not where the entertainment ends with this online slot, as players have the option to hold their nerve and gamble their feature for a bigger bonus round.

Fratelli's Hideout

The Fratelli’s may be seen as the villains in the cult classic film, but in The Goonies slot, they could reward players greatly! If players are awarded with this feature after stepping up to spin the ship wheel, they will be presented with 3 Skeleton Keys. If the Cash Add key is awarded, players will receive an instant cash prize. Or, if the key holds the ‘Collect’ feature, the bonus round will end and players will be awarded with any wins the bonus has previously awarded. The real winning feature in the Fratelli’s hideout bonus is the Hidden Tunnel, where players have the opportunity to explore which could lead them to potential winnings. If the adventurous slot experience appeals to you, take a look at one of our other popular adventurous themed slots Gonzo’s Quest as this may also appeal to our online casino players.

Skeleton Organ Bonus

If the wheel spins and lands on the Skeleton Organ Bonus, players will be presented with an abundance of bonuses to pick at random and reveal a prize. This prize could represent three different prizes. If players uncover a pirate skeleton symbol, their wins will be upgraded and a skeleton key will unlock doorways to bigger wins. If players pick bones that reveal 3 Jolly Roger flags, the feature will end and all winnings will be awarded to players’ cash balance.

Super Sloth Free Spins

If the Pirate Wheel points in the direction of the Super Sloth Free Spins feature, prepare to say… “Hey you guys!” The infamous Sloth character will run across the screen and award players 10 Free Spins. Better yet, as he passes, a number of symbols will turn into Super Stacked symbols, which are the highest paying in this online casino game.

The Goonies Go Wild Free Spins

Just like the film, the Goonies Go Wild with the Goonies Go Wild Free Spins feature! Gather the gang as the infamous characters represent the wild symbols that can guide players to bigger winning opportunities. Players will be awarded with free spins and once they have played through, a further five coins will be given to Legs Eleven players to potentially keep the Free Spins bonus going.

Inferno Free Spins

Blaze up an inferno with the Inferno Free Spins feature. Activate the Inferno Free Spins feature and up to 3 Inferno Wild Reels can be active during any spin. Whilst this is happening, the forgotten ship of One Eyed Willy will sail along the game’s backdrop and create entire reels filled with Inferno Wilds as one large block. This helps give players epic opportunities to win.

One Eyed Willy’s Treasure

Last, but certainly not least of the pirate ship wheel features comes in the form of the forgotten One Eyed Willy’s treasure round. If players land on this feature when they spin the wheel, they will be transported to a new game area that displays weighing scales that tip from side to side. These are filled with different bonus symbols that award players with different prizes. Green Gems represent cash prizes, Red Gems multiply bonuses, Silver Diamonds will increase both cash and multipliers and the Booby Trap will end the round completely.

Mikey’s Hidden Treasure

Don’t be alarmed if rocks begin to fall from the reels, as this is a trigger for Mikey’s Hidden Treasure modifier! This will force Wilds that feature the character Mikey on them to cover the reels. This will help players land wins in the bonus-bonanza Goonies slot game.

Mouth’s Lucky Coins

Could Mouth’s Lucky Coins be lucky to our online casino players? Lucky coins can be randomly thrown onto the reels and scattered around the gameplay. These will spin out to reveal a selection of identical symbols to help players land wins.

Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle

The dance that fans of the iconic film are sure to remember takes on the form of a bonus feature in The Goonies online slot game. Chunk will appear on the reels and Truffle Shuffle his way from side to side across the reels. As he dances, wilds will appear in several areas to help players land wins.

Data’s Colossal Symbols

Data’s Colossal symbols may bring players colossal winning opportunity! Large symbols are added to the game that can cover an entire area on The Goonies slot reels. Then, a boxing glove attached to a spring can punch players’ winning potential in the air! This will hit the colossal symbols to create identical symbols to help players land winning combinations.

Legs Elevens Review

Here at Legs Eleven, we’ve got a wide variety of cult television classic themed slots for our online community to enjoy. So if you’re a fan of the Goonies gameplay, take a look at other classic sitcom slots such as The Naked Gun. If you’re not familiar with The Goonies, don’t fear! As we’re sure the abundance of bonus rounds in this online casino game may grab our players’ interest. Take a spin of The Goonies from Blueprint Gaming and you may truffle shuffle your way to real winnings.

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