The Goonies Jackpot King

The Goonies Jackpot King

About The Goonies Jackpot King

Hey you guys! As we have seen with The Goonies, Blueprint Gaming have once again provided us with another amazing Goonie themed Online Slots UK game that comes with a lot of the same Bonus Features. This 5x3 slot game includes Bonus Features such as Super Sloth Free Spins to Fratelli’s hideout, with plenty that link to the film to ensure a movie-specific gaming experience for Goonie lovers! What separates this from the original Goonies Slot game is the Jackpot King Feature which allows for even more opportunities to win big.

How to Play The Goonies Jackpot King

Before playing, set the bet to an amount you’d like to spin by using the up and down arrows on the screen to set and adjust the bet accordingly. Once you are happy with the bet amount you have set, begin the game by spinning the reels with the green play button on the side of the screen. This will spin the reels, with any wins formed by matching symbol combinations resulting in credit being added to your balance. As we have seen with Fruit Snap, The Goonies Jackpot King also contains the autoplay function which, when activated, will spin the reels automatically with you choosing how many are spun. This can be 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 spins with a session loss limit and single win limit also available which would stop the function if either of those limits occurred.

The Goonies Jackpot King Bonus Features

As mentioned, there are several great Bonus Features available in The Goonies Jackpot King all of which are designed to potentially help you win!

One Eyed Willy’s Bonus Round

If 3 or more bonus symbols have landed, this will trigger the One Eyed Willy’s Bonus Feature. This will provide different opportunities to win as once this feature is activated, you then have the opportunity to claim one of 6 Bonus Features available from spinning a pirate ship’s wheel. After each possible Bonus Feature available, you have the opportunity to either Collect or Gamble for a different Bonus Round. Choose wisely!

Fratelli’s Hideout

This Bonus Feature, if activated, will present you with 3 Skeleton Keys. You have the option to select a Cash Add at random which will reward you with a cash prize. If selecting Collect, this will end the round with the credit being added to your account if applicable.

Skeleton Organ Bonus

The Skeleton Organ Bonus will present you with bones that you pick at random in order to reveal a mystery prize. If you pick the pirate skeleton symbol, this will result in the wins or features found being upgraded. If you find a Skeleton Key, a doorway will be unlocked which may potentially lead to bigger wins! If you find 3 Jolly Roger Flags, the bonus round will end.

Super Sloth Free Spins

The Super Sloth Free Spins will be awarded by the infamous Sloth character from the film by the pirate wheel landing on this particular Bonus Feature. 10 Free Spins will be awarded by Sloth himself and not only will he give you that, he will turn regular symbols into Super Stacked Symbols that come with greater value leading to potentially bigger wins!

The Goonies Go Wild Free Spins

Spot the Goonies gang in the form of a Wild Symbol that if found can lead to potentially big wins. Free Spins will be awarded as a result of the Wild Symbol and then once these spins have been spun, you will receive 5 coins which are yours to choose whether you keep using them for Free Spins, or you can collect any potential winnings which will be added to your balance.

Inferno Free Spins

If the spinning pirate wheel lands on Inferno Free Spins, up to 3 Inferno Wild Reels can be activated during any spn. Whilst this is happening, spot the pirate ship sailing in the background creating entire reels of Inferno Wilds as one large block. This will provide you with immense opportunities to win big.

One Eyed Willy’s Treasure

This Bonus Feature is the last available one as a result of the spinning pirate wheel. If this Bonus Feature is activated, you will be transported to a new game area with weighing scales that tip from side to side. The scales are filled with a variety of Bonus Symbols which grant different prizes: the Green Gem symbol contain cash prizes, the Red Gem symbol will multiply whatever current Bonus Win you have, a Silver Diamond will increase both cash and multipliers alike and if the Booby Trap is found this will end the Bonus Round.

One Eyed Willy’s Riches Modifiers

One Eyed Willy’s Riches Modifiers may be found in any spin during the main game. They will be activated by the Skeleton Key lighting up which will be followed by the choice of 3 random keys and one of the following modifiers will be granted:

Mikey's Hidden Treasure

Watch out for the falling rocks! Rest assured, this is a trigger for Mikey’s Hidden Treasure. This causes Wilds to cover the reels and potentially form winning combinations for bigger wins!

Mouth’s Lucky Coins

This Bonus Feature will result in Lucky Coins generously being thrown onto the reels randomly and scattered around. They will then transform into a collective group of identical symbols potentially leading to more winning combinations.

Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle

The iconic Goonies dance that we all know and love from Chunk in the film may feature. If you see him truffle shuffling his away across the screen, he will throw Wild Symbols into the game in scattered areas which could potentially lead to winning combinations!

One Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost

Symbols of One Eyed Willy will appear on the reels and will stimulate the Bonus Round. Following this, you will be sent to the Bonus Wheel to spin and see which Bonus Round Features you will win!

Data’s Colossal Symbols

Data’s Colossal Symbols will result in larger Colossal Symbols being added to the game, which will span across multiple reels, thus creating greater potential opportunities to win big!

Jackpot King

As mentioned, what separates this game from the original Goonies slot is the Jackpot King Feature, which may be randomly activated during any spin throughout the game! If this appears and you see the crowns, spin the reels in order to collect the crowns and be wary that the more crowns there are, the bigger the total bet multiplier. Pick 1 of 4 treasure symbols to increase your prize winnings. Once this is done, enter the ‘Wheel King’ Feature for even bigger wins and a chance to win a progessive pot!

Legs Eleven thinks

We here at Legs Eleven think that The Goonies Jackpot King is a fantastic online slots game which any regular slots connoisseurs or Goonies lovers will relish. The highlight of The Goonies Jackpot King has to be the extremely large range of Bonus Features available. Whilst we have seen several slot games that provide an array of Bonus Features, it is rare to find such a large amount like we see here. Please see our full Goonies slot review to learn more about what makes this slot so special.

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