The Jewel Of Javari

The Jewel Of Javari

About The Jewel of Javari

Playzido has provided us with a colourful online slots UK game which has an array of Bonus Features for you to enjoy. This casino slot has a 5x3 reel layout with 25 paylines, 8 different symbols and 2 Wild symbols meaning there are plenty of opportunities to win! There are some colourful and high-quality graphics in the game which certainly make it an aesthetically pleasing slot game to play.

How to Play The Jewel of Javari

Before playing, you must choose one of the available stake options that you wish to bet. Select the ‘$’ button to choose one of the available options that you wish to bet. The minimum bet is 25p per spin and the maximum is £40 per spin. Once you are ready to play, press the spin button on the screen which will spin the reels and reveal potentially winning symbol combinations! You can also check the paytable under the menu button which will give you all the information you need about symbol value, potential payouts and Bonus Features. Like we have seen with Ted Jackpot King, The Jewel of Javari contains the autoplay feature which allows the game to be played automatically with the reels spinning a selected amount of times of your choice.

The Jewel of Javari Bonus Features

Magma Wilds

The Magma Wilds could potentially land on any position on the reels and can stick in the same position for up to 3 cascades. Up to 3 Magma Wilds could potentially land on the reels during the main game and they will substitute any other symbols on the reels other than the Bonus Scatter symbol. Gem Wilds can have the potential to land on the reels in any position, however they do not stick during win streaks, but they will also substitute for other symbols apart from Bonus Scatter symbols.

Mine A Win

A Mine-A-Win symbol could land in the centre of the reels and if it does, you need to click on the symbol for it to explode and multiply the surrounding symbols. They will be replaced by a 2x2 or 3x3 colossal high symbol, or even The Jewel of Javari itself! If the Mine-A-Win Bonus Feature reveals The Jewel of Javari, the other symbols on screen will disappear and reveal the Bonus Wheel for you to spin.

Tectonic Trail

This Bonus Feature will be awarded if 3 Idol Bonus Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels in the main game. By selecting an Idol Bonus Scatter, a number of moves will be revealed, which is how far along the trail which you will progress. You need to reach the end in order to reveal your prize. If on positions 5, 10 and 15, you land on an Idol head, you then have to click on it to reveal more moves along the trail. When you reveal COLLECT from the Idols or if you reach the end of the trail, you will be awarded the multiplier associated with the gem. This will then multiply your stake to give you your total win.

Cash Cave In

You need to find 4 Idol heads to start this Bonus Feature which consists of 3 levels where you have to pick gems. Level 1 requires the gems to reveal either a cash bonus or level up, taking you to the next level. In level 2, once you have made your first pick, you can either cash out or pick another gem. If you cash out, you will leave the bonus with everything you have gained thus far as well as everything that is collected in this particular level. If, on the other hand, you pick a gem which reveals the Cash Cave In, you will leave the Bonus with just the cash gained in the previous levels. Once you are in level 3, you will be awarded all the cash gained throughout the level which you can then spin on the Jewel of Javari Wheel where your cash can be increased even further.

The Jewel of Javari

This Bonus Feature will be awarded when 5 Idol heads have been collected on your reels. You will see a big wheel which you will spin to receive a prize! The top prize which could be won is 1000x your stake.

Legs Eleven Thinks

At Legs Eleven we love new online slots that contain an array of Bonus Features and have plenty of opportunities to win. As usual with Playzido gaming, The Jewel of Javari is a colourful and playful online slot game with plenty of opportunities to win. It is not a difficult game to navigate around, so newer slot players will find it suits their needs.