Tiki Fruits uk slot

Tiki Fruits

Tiki Fruits slots buttons

Total Stake Before you enjoy the delicious looking fruit in this online casino game pick a juicy slots stake. To adjust the current stake use the plus and minus buttons. The plus button will increase your stake and the minus button will decrease it.

Spin To spin the colorful fruit symbols over the massive reel in Tiki Fruits slots press the spin button in the bottom right hand corner. One game round will be played with your chosen stake.

Auto The auto button is there if you rather select an amount of game rounds and play them automatically. Pick how many game rounds you want to play and press start, the reels will spin again and again until all rounds have been played. You can stop the feature at anytime by pressing the stop button.

Pays The paytable for Tiki Fruits slots online can be accessed by pressing the button called pays. The paytable will show you how much each symbol is worth, how the payouts in this game works and how to trigger and play the bonus features.

Tiki Fruits slots bonus features

Fruit Bars Fill the fruit bars on the right hand side of your reel and the corresponding symbol will be removed from your reel in order to create more room for higher paying symbols to fall down. At the end of each round all bars will reset except if you are playing the Tiki Spins bonus when the bars won’t reset until the end of the bonus.

Totem Activator The totem activator can be triggered at anytime during your slots game. This activator is completely random and if it is activated during one of your Tiki Fruits slots games it will remove symbols from your reels. When the totem activator remove symbols from your reel you will end up with empty spaces where new symbols can fall into and hopefully create winning combinations!

Tiki Spins A full bonus bar means that the Tiki free spins bonus is triggered! When the bonus is triggered you will receive a random number of free spins to play. While you’re spinning your free the bonus bars won’t reset meaning you will have the chance to remove many lower paying symbols and hopefully end up collecting really higher wins in Tiki Fruits slots online!