Top Cat online slot uk

Top Cat

Top Cat slots game

Play this entertaining slots game over five reels and three rows. The game is packed with 20 paylines and five bonus rounds!

Top Cat slots buttons

Bet Before you start a round in Top Cat slots you must choose a slots stake. The arrows will allow you to either increase or decrease your stake before you enjoy the TV series themed slots game.

Spin Spin the characters in Top Cat slots for a chance to trigger a bonus feature or modifier. Press the spin button to play one game round.

Autoplay Let the Top Cat cats do the heavy job for you! Use the autoplay function to spin your reels automatically, simply select an amount of game rounds and hit play. Up to 100 round can be played automatically in Top Cat slots.

Paytable>br> The paytable button is located in the bottom left corner. Click the button to choose your preferred settings or read more about the Top Cat game and it’s bonus features.

Top Cat slots modifiers

The modifiers in Top Cat slots can be triggered at anytime during any game. If Top Cat pops up from the trash can and call one of his buddies from the gang you will be awarded one of the following bonus modifiers:

Choo’s Piano Wilds Choo will come walking in on your reel and all of a sudden a piano will fall onto his head. Choo will start seeing stars and these stars will float over your reel turning symbols into wilds!

Benny’s Colossal TV’s As your reels are spinning Benny will pop by, as he presses the button on his remote a massive TV will appear adding tv symbols onto your reels. When the reels stop Benny will turn every TV symbol into a mystery symbol!

Brain’s Water Wilds Your reels are spinning and Brian will show up with a fire hydrant next to each reel and shoot water onto your reel. All the water will potentially turn a reel into wild before Brian moves on to the next reel with the fire hydrant!

Spook’s Mice is Nice If Top Cat call his buddy Spook your reels will stop spinning and Top Cat will blow his whistle to call for the mice to come up on the reel. The mice can mix up symbols until Officer Dibble appears and gives you a reward for each symbol mixed up by the mice.

Top Cat slots bonus features

Wilds Fish bones are your wild symbol in Top Cat slots. You can use the wild symbol to create more winning combinations and winning paylines as the symbol can substitute for other symbols. The only symbol wild can’t substitute for is the bonus symbol.

Fancy Fancy’s Hot Dog Collect a full stack of wilds on reel number five and you will play the Fancy Fancy’s Hot Dog bonus! A wild hot dog will cover reel number five completely as your remaining reels will respin. The wild hot dog will move one step to the left for each respin giving you chances to win on each spin!

The Master plan The master plan consist of five different bonus features! Trigger the master plan by collecting a bonus symbol on reel one, three and five. Pick your bonus from the master plan and enjoy!

Cash Picker Bonus The garbage truck will drop trash cans and it’s up to you to pick one to reveal your a multiplier. Keep on picking those cans until Officer Dibble comes around holding a collect sign which will end your bonus.

Maharajah Heist The first part of the Maharajah Heist bonus is a multiplier trail, pick one character from the gang and climb up the hotel to increase your multiplier. Reach the top of the hotel and you will be taken to the Big Money Board. The whole gang and Officer Dibble will be gathered and you have to move both the gang and Officer Dibble around the board to reveal your total bet multipliers. Watch out so that Officer Dibble doesn’t catch up to you as he will end you bonus.

Diner Free Spins The Diner Free Spins will be played with special roaming wilds added onto your reel. The roaming wilds will move after every spin to create more chances of winning big. If If two wilds collides the whole reel will turn wild for that spin. The wilds will move around until all free spins are played and you will receive your payout!

Dibble’s Free Spins The Dibble’s free spins are played with a special wild that will appear on at least one position on each reel. Spin the reels with these special wilds for chances to take home a payout in Top Cat slots!

Construction Site Wilds The final reel will have loads more wilds than the others and the amount of wilds will be less on each following reel. Your free spins will start on reel one, the reel with the least amount of wilds. Collect a certain amount of Top Cat stickers in order to move on to the second reel. Make your way to reel number five which is the richest reel with the most amount of wilds giving you chances to collect bigger wins!