Totem Lightning online slot

Totem Lightning

Totem Lightning slots buttons

Total Stake Select a slots stake that you want to play in Totem Lightning slots. The plus and minus button will allow you to adjust the current stake. Use the plus button to increase the amount or the minus button to decrease it.

Spin The spin button will start one round of the entertaining slots game Totem Lightning. The game round will be played with your chosen wager.

Auto The auto function will allow you to play the Totem Lightning slots automatically. You can choose to play up to 100 rounds automatically, select the number of game plays and press start to begin. You can stop the auto function at any time by pressing stop.

Pays The paytable can be found under the button called ‘pays’. The pay table will show you the different bonus features in Totem Lightning slots and will also explain the value of each symbol.

Totem Lightning slots bonus features

Lightning Strike The powerful bolts of lightning can strike over your reel and blast away low paying symbols in order to make room for the higher value ones. Not only can the lightning remove symbols from your reel it can also strike in the strike bar and remove symbols from there! If your new symbols create a winning combination these will also be struck away from the reel, the lightning will continue to strike over your reel for as long as you land winning combinations. Strike away all those low-value symbols and play Totem Lightning slots with only the highest value symbols for chances to land higher wins!

Totem Multiplier Collect three bonus symbols over your online slots UK reel and you will have a chance to win a 1000x multiplier! In order to move up the mighty totem, you must pick between the five pipes you are presented. Each pipe can take your further up the totem and if you reach the top the 1000x multiplier is yours! Pick a pipe with the word ‘collect’ and the bonus will end.