Treasure Mine uk slot

Treasure Mine

The Treasure Mine slots game consists of five reels and four lines. There’s seven different bonus features to play for with 20 active paylines.

Treasure Mine slots buttons

Stake First of all you must select a suitable slots stake for the wild reels at Treasure Mine slots. Chose to bet between £0.20 to £500! Pick your best slots stake by using the plus and minus buttons.

Spin Set Redbeard and the other lively characters off for a spin by pressing the spin button. The spin button will spin all your reels and hopefully land a winning combination!

Auto spin Put your faith in the hands of Redbeard? Use the auto spin button to set the amount of rounds you want to play, you can also set a maximum win/loss amount or decide to stop the reels before a bonus round.

Treasure Mine slots bonus features

Wilds You will find three wild symbols in Treasure Mine slots game. There’s Redbeard, the dragon and the treasure. All three symbols can substitute for other symbols over your slots reel to create a winning combination for you.

Dragon and Treasure If the dragon and the treasure lands somewhere over your slots reel you have activated this bonus. The dragon will spray fire over the treasure which will cause the treasure to expand over your reel and increase your chances of winning!

Redbeard and Treasure If the Redbeard and the treasure land over your reel in the same spin Redbeard will jump out from his symbol and will start chopping into the treasure with his axe, he will chop as much gold out of the treasure as he possibly can to give you instant wins!

Dragon and Redbeard If these two symbols land over your slots reel the dragon will spray fire against Redbeard and this will obviously make Redbeard very scared, so scared that he will run away from the reels but he will leave a train of wilds behind him to increase your chances of winning!

Dragon, Treasure and Redbeard If all three wilds land over your slots reel in one game play you have won a super special bonus. The dragon will start by spraying fire over the treasure which will cause the treasure to multiply it self. Redbeard will then jump out of his symbol and start chopping gold from the treasure before the dragon starts spraying fire at him which will scare him of the reels leaving a trail of wilds. There’s no end to the entertainment in Treasure Mine slots so get your game face on and enjoy it all!

Treasure Run Last but definitely not least there’s the treasure run in Treasure Mine slots. To start this bonus you must collect three bonus symbols over your slots reel. Watch Redbeard travel through the mine in his super fast minecart as he’s collecting treasures for you. Guide him through the mine to get as many treasures as you can before the rail ends. Golden nugget, amethysts, emeralds and diamonds awaits you in this fast paced bonus round.