Valley Of The Gods

Valley Of The Gods

Valley of the Gods slots buttons

Coin Value Pick a coin value before you spin the ancient style symbols over the slots reel. To increase your coin value press the plus button. If you rather decrease the amount use the minus button.

Spin Let the mighty scarabs spin over your reel as you search for your fortune! Pressing the spin button will play Valley of the Gods slots one game round.

Autoplay Put your faith and trust completely in the hands of the scarabs! The autoplay feature will allow you to select an amount of game rounds to play automatically with your chosen stake. If you wish to stop the reels before all rounds have been played just press the stop button.

Max Bet You can chose to play bigger with the max bet button. Your Valley of the Gods slots reels will be played one time with the highest stake possible.

Valley of the Gods slots bonus rounds

Respins Each winning combination in Valley of the Gods slots will lead to a respin giving you a chance to land even more wins! Your reels will continue to respin for as long as you land winning combinations over the reel. Each win will increase the ways of winning up until a massive 3,125 ways to win!

Destroying Blockers Every game round in Valley of the Gods slots will hold 12 blockers with an image of either the blue or the red scarab, these will cover 12 positions on your reel. For every winning combination you land each winning symbol will release a golden scarab that will destroy one of the blockers on the reel. Golden scarabs will turn into red or blue scarabs if there’s no more blockers on the reel, the scarabs will be collected in the scarab statues on the side of your reels. If you manage to destroy all 12 blockers you will be awarded with both multipliers and extra lives!

Multipiers The blue scarabs can lead to rewarding multipliers in Valley of the Gods slots. Every five blue scarabs that you collect in the orb to the left of your reel will increase the multiplier by 1. The multiplier starts at 2x. The more scarabs you collect the higher multiplier you will receive!

Lives 1 extra life will be given to you once all blockers are destroyed on your reel. You can increase your lifes by one for every five red scarabs you collect! One life will give you one more go in the respins feature which means you have more chances to grab a golden win!