Wheel of fortune On Tour online slot

Wheel of Fortune On Tour

Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slot Buttons

Coin Value You can change your Stake by using the buttons either side. The (-) button will decrease the Line Bet and the (+) button will increase the Line Bet.

Auto You can select the autoplay button to spin the reels for a selected number of rounds at the stake of your choice.

Settings You can select the Settings button in Wheel of Fortune On Tour to view the paylines and bonus features.

Spin Once you have selected you line bet you can press the Spin button to begin the round in Wheel of Fortune On Tour.

Wheelmobile Wilds

The Wheelmobile Wilds can appear randomly at any time and there are to offer you the chance of receiving a big win, as they act as substitutes for any symbol, except for the Scatter symbol. Random symbols will be selected and they will be converted into wilds, these could make winlines.

Ontour Bonus Wheel

If you spin the Wheel of Fortune you could win wedges or cash prizes, both will increase depending on what level you are on.

Level Up Bonus Feature

The Level Up feature rewards you when you play the slot and it will save each time you leave the reels. Each Level has a unique feature which you will unlock and benefit from, helping you to be rewarded with bigger wins.

Level 1 When you start you will begin on Level 1.

Level 2 When you reach level 2 you will receive the Free Spins Bonus, this will award you with 3 Free Spins and it will change 3 symbols into 3 Wild symbols, creating a chance for you to receive bigger wins.

Level 3 When you reach level 3 you will be able to achieve the Expanded Top Award on the Bonus Wheel, this bonus feature will triple your chances of receiving the biggest prize on the wheel.

Level 4 When you reach level 4 you will unlock the Letter Board Picker Bonus. This is where you can pick a title in this feature and it will offer you credit value of either an extra pick or a multiplier and an extra title pick. On level 4 you can be rewarded with up to 500 credits, 7 title picks and a 5x multiplier.

Level 5 When you reach level 5 you will unlock the Multiplier Wedge on the Cash Wheel and if you land on this you will have an additional spin on the wheel and you win will be multiplied between 2x and 5x.

Level 6 When you reach level 6 you will unlock the Spin to Win Bonus which begin with you selecting the top award from 5 letters then the spinning of the wheel. At this point you can either accept or reject the result. If you reject the value then it is replaced by a 50 wedge. If you land on the fifty wedge then you are awarded with a 50 and the game will end or keep spending until a value is accepted.

Level 7 This is the final level and when you reach this level you will be awarded with the Bonus trigger boost, and this increases the likelihood of activating the On Tour Bus Wheel.