Winstar slot


Winstar slot game instructions

Any stake can generate a win here at Winstar slot online! Place a bet between 20p and £50. Winstar slot is played on a 5x3 slot reel with 10 paylines!

Winstar slot buttons

Bet Choose how much you wish to bet on your next spin in Winstar slot game by adjusting the amount in the bet window. Use the arrows to either increase or decrease the amount.

Spin Once you’ve chosen your perfect bet and you are ready to go hit the spin button to start exploring the stars in Winstar slot online.

Autospin Drive on autopilot? Sure thing, use the autoplay feature to spin your blinking slot reels automatically. Simply set the amount of rounds you wish to play and sit back and watch your reels travel through space.

Winstar slot bonus features

Winstar mystery symbol No matter what spaced out spin you are spinning your Winstar symbol can appear at anytime! If you are lucky and this symbol land on your slot reel all symbols on that reel will be transformed to Winstar symbols for a better chance to land winning combinations!

Progressive jackpot Amazing opportunities in Winstar slot! Anyone can win the jackpot here at Legs Eleven no matter if your stake is big or small. Land five golden lines anytime during the game and you will have a chance to play the jackpot! The jackpot consists of 4% of every players stake and once the jackpot has been won a new jackpot will create straight away and this jackpot will continue to grow at every spin!

Paylines To win in Winstar slot you will need equal symbols on the same row forming a line. To win you will need 2, 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols on on of your 10 paylines. The amount you have won will be multiplied by your stake in this spaced out slot game!