Worms Reloaded uk slot

Worms Reloaded

Play this online slots game on five reels and three lines. 20 paylines will be active on each spin and the game holds four bonus features!

Worms Reloaded slots buttons

Bet The bet button will allow you to arm yourself with a perfect stake before taking part in the game. Use the arrows to either increase or decrease your stake.

Spin Ready to go? All you need to do now it to hit that spin button and your reels will play one round of Worms Reloaded slots.

Autoplay Use the autoplay feature if you wish to play a number of rounds automatically. With this feature you can pick between 10 and 100 rounds that will spin consecutively with your chosen stake. If you wish to stop the feature before all rounds have been played just press the stop button and your game will return to the normal settings.

Paytable Click on the paytable to see how much each symbol is worth or read more about the bonus features. You can also gain more information about the game and how it pays.

Worms Reloaded slots modifiers

Wilds The wild symbols in Worms Reloaded slots can substitute for all other symbols except the bonus symbol. By substituting for a symbol the wild can help create more winning slots combinations and payouts. There’s four different wilds in Worms Reloaded slots, banana bomb wilds, donkey wilds, standard wilds and bazooka wilds.

The modifiers Four modifiers are up for grabs in Worms Reloaded slots. The modifiers are triggered at random and if you see the grenade that’s located inside the logo explode a modifier have been triggered!

Holy Hand Grenade Trigger the holy hand grenade and your reels will spin as a hand grenade will launch and explode over your reels. The explosion will bring additional bonus symbols onto your reels to create a bigger chance for you to activate the big bonus.

Banana Bomb Wilds The banana wilds will trigger a bomb to explode onto your reels releasing loads of banana bomb wilds over your reel. The banana wilds will be locked onto your reel and the reels will spin again if a worm shows up on your screen and fires his bazooka!

Concrete Donkey Wilds Your reels will be spinning as a worm appears on your screen to press a button. When the button is pressed a concrete donkey will fall onto your reels and create wild reels for more chances to win!

Teleport Mayhem Your reels will stop when this modifiers is triggered. A worm will press a button on his teleporter which will make the symbols on your reels to move around and create winning combinations. The worm will keep pressing the same button for more wins until the teleporter backfires and blow both the machine and the worm up!

Worms Reloaded slots bonus features

Knockout Bonus Four bonus features is available to trigger when spinning the reels in Worms Reloaded slots. Collect three bonus symbols on reel one, three and five to trigger a bonus. The symbol you collect on reel five will determine which one of the four bonus rounds you will play.

Battle Ground Bonus The battle ground bonus consists of a screen covered in mines. You have to pick a mine to receive your award. The mines can give you multipliers, cash prizes, you can be taken to another bonus round or if you are unlucky you will pick a mine with the word collect and your bonus will end. Pick as many mines as you can before the collect mine will blow up your bonus!

Jet Pack Bonus Travel into space and play two bonuses in one round. In the multiplier trail you will have to choose UFO’s that can take you further along the trial, give you cash prizes, take you straight to the big money bonus or if unlucky make you collect and stop the bonus. The further up the trail you get the higher your multipliers will be. Hit the top and the big money bonus will need you to choose which planet to blow up in order to reveal your final multiplier prize!

Blitz Blast Free Spins A missile with a worm strapped onto it will be lit in order to get fired away. It’s a long fuse attached to the missile and your free spins will continue to spin until the fuse is completely gone and your missile is fired away. The closer you get to the end the more multipliers will be added to your final win!

Super Sheep Free Spins You will receive six free spins to play on a different set of reels based around a castle. While you are playing your free spins there’s a chance that the super sheep will be triggered which will add super sheep wilds onto your reels. There’s a naughty worm on the side of your reel that will try and shoot the sheep down. At the end of your six free spins you get to pick between three grenades. The grenade you pick can either retrigger the bonus or end the bonus.

Jackpot King The progressive jackpot king is available to win in Worms Reloaded slots! Five jackpot king symbols over your reel will give you a go at the big jackpot prize! The jackpot can be won on any spin and the size of your stake does not matter.