If you're looking for an online slot with a bit more of a regal feel, Legs11 also offer a wide range of Jackpot slots, also known as Jackpot King Slots to bring a fun twist to some of our regular slot games. If you're interested in these types of slots and want to more, we have all the information you need to dive right into these royal bonus rounds.

What Are Jackpot King Slots?

Jackpot King slots make up the Jackpot King network, an iconic group of online slots from various casino sites that all contribute to the same pot of money and, therefore, the same payout. Each wager staked in any Jackpot King slot, on whichever casino site it's on, will accumulate and add to the same pot of money. Suppose a jackpot is triggered in any of the Jackpot King slots. In that case, this large sum of money will pay out accordingly, just like any other winnings accumulated in online slots.

How Are Jackpot King Slots Different From Regular Slots?

The main reason Jackpot King slots are different from your usual slot games is how the payouts work. As mentioned above, Jackpot King slots payout differently, with the pot of money being connected to all slots in the Jackpot King network across many casino sites. In each Jackpot King slot, a small amount of each stake will be added to the large pot of money, which can be won by any Jackpot King slot player! The Jackpot King feature is triggered in the same way, regardless of the specific Jackpot King game you are playing. Simply land four Jackpot King symbols on the reels simultaneously.

Why Should I Play Jackpot King Slots?

The reasons for playing Jackpot King slots are quite simple. They can lead to substantial monetary prizes that are unseen in standard slots. Jackpot King slots don’t require any extra effort from the player or require extra funds so, from a players’ point of view, it is just like playing other online slots but with the chance of winning a lot more!

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