#13K Community Pot for Halloween It’s time for a no trick and all treat night of bingo on Legs 11. This spooky season we invite all you Ghosts and Ghouls to our 13k Community Pot for Halloween. Players can buy tickets to a 90 ball game with some amazing wins for 1line, 2 lines and a Full House, plus all players will be included in a share of the other 8k from this cauldron of delights.

So if you want to join a night of charms and ghoulish fun, tickets are available for the 13k Community Pot. Wins are as follows: 1 Line = £1000 2 Lines = £1500 Full House = £2500 Winners will also take a share of the community Pot.

Full terms:

Game takes place Friday 29th October at 9.30pm BST in the 13k Treat all room. Tickets 40p each, max of 100 per player. Total guaranteed prize pot = £13,000. 1 line prize = £1,000, 2 lines = £1,500 and FH = £2,500. An additional £8,000 community prize will be shared amongst all players in the game who have purchased at least 1 ticket. The share is paid out according to the number of tickets purchased. Winners of the standard 1 line, 2 lines and FH prizes will also win a share of £8,000 the community prize. If there is more than one winner, the prize will be split between winning tickets. All winnings paid as cash. In the event of any malfunction/game void, tickets purchased will be refunded. General promotional terms apply.